Brian Defferding

Election, April 3rd 2018

Alderman, 1st District, City of Neenah; 6th District, Winnebago County BoardBrian_Defferding.jpeg

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I have lived in the Fox Cities of Wisconsin most of my life, born in Appleton in 1977 and raised there. I attended college in Minnesota, and returned from Minneapolis in 2003 with a Fine Arts degree. In 2011, I bought an old house in Neenah. I enjoy walking my dogs through all the parks, lakefronts and around the Fox River.

What spurred me to run was a simple act of building a humble fence in my backyard.  One of my dogs is a large size breed, mixed with a Great Dane. I wanted to build a six foot wood fence behind a small line of lilac bushes that stand 9-10 feet tall along the sidewalk. However, I found out, I needed to apply for a permit to do that. Furthermore, I was hit with an excessively strict height ordinance; corner lots in Neenah cannot be taller than 3 feet if made from wood, 4 feet if chain link; when 20 feet or closer to the sidewalk.  Where I was building my fence was nowhere near the traffic intersection, nor was most of it visible behind my lilac bushes in the first place.  I attempted to get a variance, but I was told the City of Neenah does not typically grant variances for these things. I attempted to change the height restriction for wood fences to four feet, which required going to three City Council meetings, which upon the third meeting they ultimately decided not to consider it.

It was a very basic, simple symptom of what I would like to see changed in Neenah city government. Not every lot is the same, this is exactly why variances exist. City government needs to be flexible with its people, if we truly want a diverse economy and culture. We need Neenah's government to be a perfect reflection of its accommodating people. More fun. More open. Less strict.

Campaign donations will specifically go towards printing signs and brochures. I am at a $2000 spending limit - these elections typically do not require spending beyond that limit. If you would like to do more, talk about me to Neenah residents. Mention my name, tell them I'm there to break up the stranglehold of a micromanaging government.  It's amazing what an impact that one vote on the City Council has on policy.

Brian Corriea


Special Election January 16th, 2018

Wisconsin State Senate District 10



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 A U.S. Navy veteran and insurance adjustor who lives in Wilson, Wisconsin, and I am running as the Libertarian candidate in the special election for State Senate District 10.

I've long been an advocate for a more inclusive and diverse political system, including candidates who are independent from both major parties. I believe that politics should be a place for people to come together and share ideas. A place where we can learn about each other. Not just the things that divide us, but the things that bring us together.

Our current political climate is the opposite of that ideal. We've been pushed into opposite corners, locked into a belief, not in ideas, but in partisan tribalism.  Serious discussion of the issues, seem less important than personality and popularity.  I truly believe we all want the same thing: to provide a bright future for our kids, a clean and healthy environment, good jobs and affordable accessible healthcare for all. Working together, there is no reason to think we can't achieve these goals, and so much more. 

As a Libertarian, I believe I will be able to bridge partisan divides and bring good ideas back to the forefront, no matter which side of aisle they come from. Thank you all for following my page, and I look forward to discussing some of the initiatives I plan on presenting throughout the campaign.



Phillip N. Anderson
Governor of Wisconsin
Donation Site:
Twitter: @4PhilAnderson

Bio: Phil Anderson is a Libertarian candidate for Governor of WI, is currently Chair of the Libertarian Party of WI, and is the host of the Phil is a realtor with First Weber Realty, a veteran of the US Army, a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, and graduate of UW-Madison, currently residing in Fitchburg.




Patrick Baird

Lt. Governor of Wisconsin
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Twitter: @baird4ltgovernorwi



Bio: Patrick Baird is an author, patient advocate, and U.S. Navy veteran. He was born in Fort Atkinson and has lived and worked all around the state. He is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee and a resident of Madison.




Mike Hammond

Wisconsin State Assembly district 6.


Mailed Donations: Payable to: Hammond for Assembly

W6797 County Road CCC Shawano WI. 54166.


My name is Mike Hammond and I am a candidate for Wisconsin Assembly district 6. I am a lifelong resident of the Shawano area and a graduate of Shawano High School. I have been involved in farming and agriculture, dairy,beef, crops, vegetables, and greenhouse up until now. I have decided to take a little time off and run for office. I have been a member of several local cooperatives and served as director and officer of one. I have been a longtime member of our local township's planning and zoning committee. I am married to Nancy. My family includes 2 children and 5 grandchildren and a dog.


Matthew Bughman


Wisconsin State Assembly District 7


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Mail Donations: Payable to: Bughman for Assembly

                          2732 S.47th St. Milwaukee WI, 53219



Matthew is running for Wisconsin’s 7th District State Assembly Seat, which is made up of portions of Southwest Milwaukee, Greenfield, West Allis, and West Milwaukee.

Matthew offers the Wisconsinites of District Seven an honest option in the political landscape. An option that values and respects the individual, their rights, and places them in control of their lives. An option that will promote ingenuity and success and not stymie it with taxes and regulations. 

Matthew as a law enforcement officer has seen firsthand how the misguided legislation from both parties has hurt the citizens of Milwaukee County. He and the Libertarian Party want to offer a clear path forward, a path for free people to make a free Wisconsin! 

Matthew resides in the Jackson Park Neighborhood of Milwaukee with his wife (Anna) and three young sons (Liam, Emmett, and Rowan). A graduate of Marian University (Fond Du Lac WI), he has worked as a Police officer and most recently as a Detective in the Milwaukee Police Dept. in both patrol and Investigative rolls for the past ten years. Matthew is a member in good standing with the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA) and the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP).



Reese Wood

State Assembly District 45



Twitter: @RW4WIA

Website: TBA

Donation page: TBA

I've lived, worked, and currently raise my family in the 45th district. I plan on staying here. We cannot continue to tolerate the burden of partisan politics, excessive government, and lack of real solutions. Lack of representation has had more than a fiscal impact, the social impact has been disastrous. People, not politics, are the solution.

Too many elected representatives have not consideredhow to utilize technology, communication, and representation to YOUR full advantage. Inefficient representation leads to money leaving local communities, only to come up short when funds are truly needed for essential local demands. 

I advocate for personal liberty, economic freedom, and limited government. I support reducing state and federal influence on local governments.

I know the people of the 45th. WE can figure out how to meet our demands. WE can provide jobs, opportunity, and real value now and for future generations. Working together we can reduce government with peaceful and prosperous results.



Rick Braun

State Assembly 14th District.  Brookfield, Milwaukee and Wauwatosa.

Campaign website: In development


Twitter: @Braun4Assembly

Campaign donation links: TBA


Rick Braun is running for Wisconsin’s 14th District State Assembly Seat, which is made up of portions of Brookfield, Wauwatosa and Milwaukee. He currently resides in the Golden Valley Neighborhood of Milwaukee with his wife (Melissa) and their two young children (Iona and DJ).

Motivated by the September 11th attacks Rick enlisted in the United States Marine Corps serving for eight years as an Infantry Rifleman. During that time he deployed twice to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was also deployed to Niger, Africa as part of the Pan Sahel Initiative, and to Chile, in support of the Partnership of the Americas. He has graduated from American Military University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, and is currently completing a Master’s in Political Science from the same university.

Rick has also worked for many years as a manager and supervisor for warehousing and logistics and has seen firsthand how our current employment laws which claim to protect workers’ rights actually do more harm to those workers. That includes wages, hours worked, employment practices, and how having health insurance attached to your employment benefits can have negative consequences to healthcare.




2016 Candidates

Note: Election Results from as of 11/19/16

Governor Gary Johnson for President 2016
Governor Weld for Vice President 2016
Libertarians for President and Vice President
WI Vote Total: 106,442 - 3.6%
National Vote Total: 4,042,291 - 3.2%

State Assembly

Matthew Bughman for WI 7th Assembly District
Phone: 920-723-4450
Facebook: Matthew Bughman for 7th State Assembly
Vote Total: 1,303 - 5.4%

Jordan Hansen for WI 54th Assembly District
Phone: 920-203-5613
Facebook: Jordan Hansen for 54th State Assembly
Vote Total: 7,682 - 30%

George Meyers for WI 66th Assembly District
Phone: 262-635-0792
Vote Total: 3,106 - 18.7%

U.S. Senate
Phil Anderson for U.S. Senate 
Phone: 608-345-3916
Facebook: 4PhilAnderson- US Senate
Twitter: @4PhilAnderson
Vote Total: 87,291 - 3%

U.S. House of Representatives

Jason Lebeck for Congress - District 1
Phone: 920-222-0580
Facebook: JasonLebeck2016
Twitter: @JasonLebeck2016
Donate: JasonLebeck2016
Vote Total: 7,493 - 2.1%

Andy Craig for Congress - District 4
Phone: 870-329-7217
Facebook: AndyCraig2016
Vote Total: 32,184 - 11.3%

John Arndt for Congress - District 5
Phone: 414-444-4340
Facebook: Arndt-for-Congress
Google: Arndt for Congress
Vote Total: 15,324 - 3.9%

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  • commented 2018-01-11 18:22:58 -0600
    I can definitely relate to Brian Defferding’s problem with needing to have a permit to build a fence in his backyard, especially as I help run a landscaping business that builds fences every month and it’s always a hassle making sure everything is okay under regulation. But that alone is no reason to run for government! I don’t want to intrude on anyone’s opinion with this comment but I just felt like I needed to say something because it’s rather funny. With all sincerity I hope whoever gets elected has a balance between kindheartedness and qualification. There looks like some good candidates up there!

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.
    Sammy Swanson
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    Dear Detained, We have not yet announced a 2018 candidate for US Senate. We do have several strong Candidates announced for 2018 and we are always recruiting more candidates. Would you be interested in volunteering to help a campaign or recruiting candidates? If so contact Candidates and Campaigns Committee Chair Phil Anderson at
  • commented 2017-07-10 22:14:20 -0500
    You guys gonna announce a 2018 candidate for Senate or what?