2017 State Convention Day 3

For most, rising early after celebrating our accomplishments of the previous day (well into this morning) would presumptively put an end to productivity, but not for this group. After arming ourselves with copious amounts of coffee, our freedom fighters were ready to battle the establishment.


During the much needed breakfast, our newly elected Chair, Phillip Anderson, gave a quick recap of the previous day, rekindling our spirits just in time to remind us of all the work ahead. It was time to divide into our committees: Candidates and Elections, Fundraising, Communications and Marketing/ Web and IT (these two committees were combined), Events and Convention, Judicial, and Affiliate. In the previous days, concerns of lack luster committee enrollment permeated many conversations, however they were ill placed. When breakfast adjourned, droves of enthusiastic libertarians scurried to the committee rooms to contribute their individual talents towards a unifying goal.


Given the independent nature of our members, organizational structure has always been difficult. To combat this, many committee leaders decided to take a unique approach. Instead of micromanaging the actions of their volunteers, they asked what they can bring to the committee, whether it be networking, writing, social media, or their specific occupational skills. A machine is only as good as its programmer, however, this political machine is a force to be reckoned with. Its structure is not limited to the mind of one organizer, but all of our unleashed minds in concert.  With passions ignited we forged clear goals and plans.


Even after the committee meetings ended, and the closure of the convention, discussions continued well into the parking lot and presumably the whole way home, as we went our separate ways. The sight of car after car pulling out of the back woods and dispersing into the world, each with their libertarian themed bumper stickers, and new empowered spirits, was awe inspiring.


This convention was a turning point for LPWI. We proved we no longer belong in the shadows hiding, nor are we content to remain there. We emerged anew with a maturity and professionalism that we had not experienced before. For many of us, we were the kids straining on our tip toes trying to get a glimpse of the flag during our pledge of allegiance. Not because we believed in “the world's strongest bureaucracy” or pledged allegiance to “Big Brother”, but because we fell in love with, and pledged our allegiance to, the American Dream. A dream that if we worked hard enough, we could be or create anything. A dream that we had the freedom to live our own lives, because we know what’s best for ourselves. A dream that the only limitations in our way, were within our own mind. As we grew up, we had to wake up. It’s high time to be done with the American Dream, and make it an American Reality. We are the minority in number, but not in talent or intelligence. After this convention, our trepidation have transformed into a fire of ambition. We have woken up, America. Fear not, we are on the rise.



Written by Noelle Long

Member - LP Dane


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