A Libertarian to school violence

The solution to school shootings in the Milwaukee area is to get the government out of education. Like every other program and service that is offered by the city, it is never properly managed and often the failing bureaucracy claims that they are underfunded to cover up their shortcomings. The problem has never been underfunding the problem is that government does not have adequate incentives to create an effective education system. Increasing taxes only further burdens citizens who would already have difficulty paying for private education. Some parents work multiple jobs just to make ends meet and are not able to spend enough time with their children to notice that they are developing behavior issues. Coupling that with the continued expectation that the government is capable of covering for our parental duties is creating this environment. 
What our current public school system often does is it puts children in large schools with large classrooms where each individual student’s needs could not possibly be met by the limited staff available to them. The promise by the government to act as a pseudo parent cannot possibly be fulfilled. Frustrations created out of feelings of being left behind along with the isolation that it creates for those who may not be as well equipped to deal with the stresses of maturing into adulthood are what causes a lot of these problems. 
Privatizing schools which allow each school to provide more individual care to each student would be far more effective at stopping the violence than placing armed guards and metal detectors in each school. These are supposed to be placing of learning and nurturing development. This cannot happen if the exterior appearance is indecipherable from a prison. The current public school system is based on an outdated model that has not been effective in decades (if it was ever truly effective at all) and is unlikely to change without competition. A private school system would encourage innovation to attract students.

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