Anderson for WI Governor: Walker wants Millions to bail out Obamacare

For Immediate Release: January 23rd, 2018

Contact: Phil Anderson

Anderson for WI Governor

Phone:  608-361-8608




Anderson for Governor: Walker Wants Millions to Bail Out Obamacare


Fitchburg, WI, January 23rd, 2018 – In what is clearly a panic move in response to recent GOP electoral setbacks, Scott Walker is proposing a series of interventions in the health insurance market that are aimed at propping up the failing Obamacare program.


Walker wants to spend $50 million in state tax money another $150 million in the form of a Federal giveaway to bail out health insurance companies and continue to duplicate Medicare Part D with a state program. Walker claims he will pay for the state portion with unspecified cuts to Medicaid.


“If the health insurance market is destabilized it is 100% because Madison and Washington broke it,” said Phillip Anderson, candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for Governor. “It’s becoming clear that this bungled attempt to control healthcare is now a bipartisan disaster.”


Walker’s new proposal for health insurance giveaways follows a GOP budget that increased spending on schools, and a $4.5 billion taxpayer giveaway to Foxconn.


“Madison politicians on both sides of the aisle are joining forces, not to fix Wisconsin’s problems, but to find new and innovative ways to wreck markets and spend tax dollars to ensure their re-elections,” said Anderson. “And of course, they are moving quickly to protect insurance companies, as they do with all their sponsors.”




Phil Anderson is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, and a candidate for Governor. He can be reached at, or via 

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  • Justin La Plante
    commented 2018-11-07 05:34:04 -0600 · Flag
    I remember going to a rally for Phil when he was still my boss at green cab and he was running for a state assembly seat. It was only a hand full of people, one of whom was an Uber driver who had been stalking me. Not much in the way of constructive conversation and at one point Phil had a laugh with his supporters over a joke about bombing an abortion clinic.

    I didnt get the joke but I knew right away that the Libertarian party really had not changed since David Koch was their vice presidential candidate in 1980. Just another globalist con masking itself as an “alternative” party so their GOP masters can swing elections.

    TODAY, I have to thank Phil for pulling a few thousand votes out from under Walker in this Governor’s race and swinging things for Tony Evers.
    Phil may be dumb as a box of chicken feed, full of hateful ideas, theocratic and petty but at least he was good for something in the end.

    THANK YOU Pill,… I mean, Phil.

    Justin La Plante