Education in Wisconsin; Who Decides?

“The Republican Party of Wisconsin has turned license revocation into an issue in the governor’s race between Evers and Gov. Scott Walker, spending roughly $1 million on TV ads over a two-week span featuring three of those 88 cases in which the department didn’t revoke a license.” Wisconsin State Journal

choice.jpgIsn’t it odd that the GOP thinks it is effective to run attack ads claiming that Evers didn’t “protect our children” rather than focusing on the many current issues facing Wisconsin? “Our children”? My children are in their 30s. Or, have Republicans now gone over to the Hillary Clinton philosophy that “It takes a village to raise a child”? Don’t Republicans still favor local control over mandates from Madison? 

If parents become dissatisfied with their public school, where do they turn? The State Journal also reported, “Tens of thousands of Wisconsin students attending private schools using a taxpayer-funded voucher could be the last generation to do so if proposals from most of the Democratic candidates for governor become law. … If enacted, the proposals to end the state’s four private school voucher programs would dramatically upend the school system in Wisconsin, where the nation’s first voucher program was born in Milwaukee 27 years ago.” (Authored by the late Annette Polly Williams, recipient of the LPWI Torch of Freedom Award.)

Libertarian Phil Anderson’s education plank is that, “Any revenues raised to pay for K–12 education should be controlled by parents, who may use the funds for public schools, private schools, or home schooling.” (

Their kids are not “our children.” Let parents choose.

Jim Maas, Chair
Marathon County Libertarians

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