Free Enterprise

So, what is this nasty rumor about possibly forcing brewers and wineries to work with distributors to sell their products instead of selling directly with customers? Opponents say the Wisconsin Tavern League and alcohol distributors are pushing the plan and fear it could be slipped into the state budget at the last minute. Beer_Mug___Tap.jpg

The budget? Would this proposal result in revenues—or expenses? Or would it be just more restrictive regulations for the benefit of influential campaign contributors? Oh, wait; “A new Office of Alcohol Beverages Enforcement would take over alcohol regulation from the state Department of Revenue.” The office's duties would include ensuring producers don't distribute or sell their own products on their own property. Seriously? Follow the money.

Wisconsin wouldn’t pull the rug out from innovative entrepreneurs, would it? Isn’t Wisconsin supposedly “Open for business”?

Well, yah but, there was that attempt to ban home bakers from selling their baked goods at farmers markets, wasn’t there? And small dairy farm operations are still prevented from selling their dairy products directly to consumers, aren’t they? Follow the money.

“As Libertarians, we defend each person's right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest and we welcome the diversity that freedom brings.”


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