Libertarian Candidates Blast School Safety Proposals

Madison, WI, March 20th, 2018 – Libertarian Party candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor denounced recent responses to the renewed school shooting debate from Governor Scott Walker and leading Democrat challenger Tony Evers.Anderson_Baird.jpg

"Scott Walker proposes to address school safety by spending $100 million and expanding State bureaucracy," said Phil Anderson, candidate for Governor. "New reporting and policy requirements would be imposed on local schools; we oppose both the spending and the expanded reach of State government. Local schools should decide if and how they want to improve student safety. And they should pay for it."

"Where is Scott Walker getting this money?" asked Anderson. "This follows more campaign year giveaways in the recent budget; what's next?"

Lt. Governor candidate Patrick Baird called out Tony Evers’ proposal. "The State Superintendent of Schools also wants more spending; $50 million for mental health programs and programs for climate and culture. Neither Scott Walker or Tony Evers mentions allowing schools to arm teachers, a common-sense improvement in school safety with little financial impact."

State legislature leaders have raised the possibility of scrapping a tax holiday proposal to pay for the new spending. "Tax collection surpluses must be returned to taxpayers ASAP," said Anderson. "Spending excess collections is greedy; spending surpluses to fund election year giveaways is immoral."

Anderson and Baird have made increased local control a centerpiece of their campaign. "We favor both greater local control and greater local responsibility. School safety is the responsibility of local districts; they should be making choices that fit their needs and values. They should not be looking to Madison to address this issue."

Libertarians are also staunch defenders of constitutional rights. "We have zero interest in having a 'conversation' about banning guns." Said Baird. "We also have zero interest in 'conversations' about limiting first amendment protections of free speech or 'conversations' about rolling back protections against illegal search and seizure."

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin is Wisconsin's third largest political party. 


Phil Anderson is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and a candidate for Governor. Patrick Baird is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. They can be reached at, or via 

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