LPWI: Mike McCabe joins Libertarians in decrying WBA Gubernatorial Debate criteria as ‘flagrant conflict of interest’

Today, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and founder of Blue Jean Nation Mike McCabe joined Libertarians in calling out the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association regarding the clear conflict of interest of their gubernatorial debate criteria.

From McCabe’s Twitter account: “Broadcasters that profit so greatly from selling political advertising say money and polls rather than ideas and vision for the future should determine whose message is worthy of being heard. Do they know a flagrant conflict of interest when they see one?”

“Mike McCabe is absolutely right,” says Phil Anderson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and candidate for Governor. “The Money_20.jpgWBA criteria are clearly meant to favor those interests, namely establishment Democrat and Republican campaigns, that pour money into WBA members’ pockets during campaign season. The voters deserve to hear all sides in the debates- and qualifying for the ballot should be enough.”

The WBA criteria require, among other hurdles, that a candidate have raised at least $250,000 to qualify for their debate.

“$250,000 is an excessive amount. Campaigns that try to remain free of outside influence from special interests are disadvantaged. The WBA is not only not serving the public interest, they are putting the interests of actively corrupt candidates, campaigns and parties above the interests of the people of Wisconsin,” finishes Anderson.

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