LPWI Reaction to Las Vegas Shooting

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin extends its deepest condolences to the victims of the mass violence in Las Vegas, as well as to their families and the witnesses so deeply traumatized by this event. As a matter of bedrock principle, LPWI abhors aggression and violence against anyone, especially defenseless and innocent people. We will continue to comment on our position as more facts are known, but as of 2:45 pm CT, this is what IS known, per CNN:

The Las Vegas Sheriff's office had no knowledge of this individual. 

The shooter's brother did not notice anything amiss, nor did hotel staff.

The shooter had no known connection to any terrorist group.

The shooter had several legally purchased rifles in the hotel room, some purchased in California, which were reportedly modified to be automatic weapons.

Why are these facts important? Because, while tragic, and while we extend our deepest sympathies, others are using this tragedy in an attempt to dismantle peoples' right to defend themselves. 

It is difficult to admit, on the day of such a tragedy, but making firearms less available to law abiding citizens would only have led this man to find criminals who would sell him weapons, or to choosing a different weapon. Prohibiting anything to which a person has a right only serves to enrich criminals. 

I, personally, am praying for the victims of this crime, and on behalf of LPWI, we mourn this tragedy. The solution to this sort of violence is not restricting Second Amendment rights, but in trying to discover why, at the HUMAN level, such events occur, and with love and an open heart, try to help people before they happen. 




Phil Anderson



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