Opioid Crisis: the Libertarian Solution

Walker.jpgIn July, the headline read, Gov. Scott Walker Signs 11 Bills Investing Millions In Drug Treatment Programs.

 Libertarians believe Wisconsin government, once again, chose the wrong solution for a growing problem. The Libertarian solution is “More Freedom, Less Government.” We should try it.

 Mark Thornton of the Ludwig von Mises Institute attributes the crisis to the following four causes.

"The Real Cause of America's Opioid Epidemic"


  1. Drug Prohibition
  2. The Iron Law of Prohibition
  3. Government intervention in the economy
  4. Aggressive marketing of opioid painkillers to doctors

 Thornton recommends two simple, inexpensive acts which would solve the problem.

  1. End prohibition of hard drugs
  2. Re-legalize cannabis

 “The Opioid epidemic is killing more than 30,000 Americans a year. For most experts, the epidemic is a mystery with regard to its cause and solution. A little progress has been made, but to really eliminate the problem we need to legalize drugs, reduce the size of government, and increase freedom in our lives.”


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