Prison—Not Justice

“A 23-year-old Rothschild man was sentenced Monday in Marathon County Circuit Court to nine years in prison for providing heroin to a man who later died of an overdose in Weston.” Wausau Daily Herald, 9/13/2017

So, a Rothschild dealer sold something to a guy who wanted to buy it in Weston and later died. “Reckless homicide by the delivery alcatraz_prison_block_cc_img.jpgof drugs.” What a crock.

A heroin epidemic has been expanding enormously for the last several years. While politicians offer failed solutions, the real solution is to legalize drugs. 

There are two causes for this drug problem:

  1. The War on Drugs which creates profit incentives in the black market for the distribution of the most dangerous drugs.
  2. The pharmaceutical-medical-FDA complex, or Big Pharma, which profits from treating pain with dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

 In a free market, heroin would come in an unadulterated pharmaceutical grade form of various identified doses. It would have warning labels and instructions. Someone might have to consult a medical doctor or pharmacist before purchasing heroin, or might have to go to a clinic. The producers, distributors, and retailers would have some liability for negligence. Before it was made illegal in 1914 one of the most popular heroin products was Bayer’s Heroin.


Last but not least, cannabis would be legal and produced for several medicinal purposes like it was prior to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Many of the pre-prohibition products were used to treat pain, as well as many of the symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal, such as muscle aches, anxiety, inability to sleep, nausea, and vomiting. 

Most people would not choose to use legal heroin or other hard drugs, but Libertarians believe adults own their own bodies and should make those choices, not the government. Prohibition has obviously not worked. Let’s try more freedom and personal responsibility. 

Our Libertarian Platform of Principles guides us:  

LIFE: We believe that all individuals have the right to control their own lives and live in whatever manner they choose, as long as they do not interfere with the identical rights of others.

PREFACE:  While members of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin advocate abolishing laws governing certain voluntary behaviors, this does not necessarily imply endorsement of such behaviors. We only make the statement that in such matters an individual's right to free choice must be recognized and the morality of such choices is not a concern of government.

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