The City of Neenah vs. Phil Anderson's Campaign Signs

This serves as a perfect example in why it's heavily recommended for Libertarians to run for local office.

The City of Neenah continues to have issues with the Phil Anderson for Governor signs.

A couple properties have received violation notices from the City Inspector. The first one was to have the sign moved, as it was over three feet tall and the city has a vision corner ordinance where no sign or fence can be taller than three feet within 25 feet of a street corner.

A Phil Anderson campaign sign in Neenah

The resident moved the sign to appease the city. But then the same resident received a notice from the inspector now saying the sign was too big.

According to city statues, there is language that gets into not just how big a sign is on a residential property (maximum 11 square feet for residential zones, 16 square feet for commercial zones) - but also *types* of signs, like campaign/political signs, and when residents can put them on their own lawn (it even states that political signs during non-election years are not allowed).

WTF is this crap

Both residents in Neenah received this same violation notice. To make it even more interesting, one of these two letters was issued to a commercial zone - yet stating the sign violated the maximum size for a residential zone. You would figure a City Inspector would pay attention to that important detail. It was later found out, upon discussion with the City Inspector's office, that even if a zone is commercial, if there is a residence there, it can be enforced as a residential zone (confirming the city can enforce whatever rules it wants, disregarding its own legal restrictions).

As a response, one resident cut part of the sign and moved it up a little to remain within 11 square feet - and the other resident cut the sign in half and put them next to each other. Now both residents have two signs, under the 11 square feet maximum.

Your move, Neenah

This hilarious nitpicking from the City of Neenah illustrates the droll stupidity of local policy and what some of our tax dollars are funding. It should be asked - for what reason do these ordinances that specifically address political signs exist? Because someone may dare express themselves with a large sign on their front yard for a candidate they may not support, and a neighbor just doesn't like looking at it? This is the epitome of first world problems. There are a million worse things out there than the ability to express themselves on their own private property.

Let's now see if the City of Neenah puts a time limit on how long these signs can be up on their yard. What is happening in Neenah, however, is also likely in your own city, too. It's worth looking up your city codes - just how intrusive is your local government with how you express yourself on your own property?

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  • Mike Czysh
    commented 2018-10-15 19:09:11 -0500
    Government has too much time and money on its hands!