What is a "Gubernatorial Debate" anyway?

44387786_2379973155353458_6589390077367943168_o.jpgIf there are six candidates on the ballot and only two are invited to the debate, can it still be called a “Gubernatorial Debate”?






Did you witness the “Gubernatorial Debate”? Did you know that besides the two candidates inside the studio, there were two more 44525098_2379972685353505_5336271572770488320_o.jpgwho are also on the ballot on the other side of the police barricade? If not, can you trust your source of information?








Fhil.jpgPhil Anderson, one of the "gubernator" candidates excluded from the debate, let people know what was wrong with broadcasters, who receive advertising revenue from the two old parties, choosing who gets to debate.








sign.jpg  signs.jpg

signs2.jpgWisconsin voters expect and deserve political news coverage that is non-partisan, not bi-partisan.Will Libertarians “spoil” the election for the two Old Parties in 2018 or will voters send a message to Madison? 


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