The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin's Executive Committee (LPWI-Excom) gave its Communications Committee (ComCom) the authorization to plan, purchase, develop, and launch a new customer resource manager (CRM) for the Party, back in the fall of 2023.  In January 2024, the ComCom proceeded with its Website Ad hoc Committee by purchasing a license for most useful and innovation political organization CRM we could afford, Nation Builder. It took the Committee three months to establish the basic parameters of our data management and transfer from the old Civi-CRM that the LPWI used based on the National LP system.  While we wanted to debut the data system and new website at our April state convention in Madison, WI, we decided as a committee to refine a few things, build a very professional-looking website worthy of our new Forward strategy in the LPWI, and wait until delegate matters at the LP national convention in Washington DC got cleared using the old system. We needed to validate members on site for credentialing, just in case.  After the national convention over Memorial Day weekend, the full court press went into full speed, with our contract-Website programmer, named Abdul Rehman, doing quick and excellent work.

We had some frustrations, and other concerns and struggles converting our URL over this past weekend. After these ppropriate troubles for such a major investment by any business or organization in the Murphy's law of pessim-optimism, we overcame with help, and as of today, June 10, 2024,  the LPWI has its new site and data management system in place and functioning.  A LOT OF PEOPLE had to work well together to make this project happen; aside from the programming contractor, dedicated party members made this possible for us!!  It did not take just one or two or three, but it took the hard team work and volunteer time and devoted effort by about a dozen people to get this system up and running. They did it with magnificent comradery, self-less cooperation, and indeed, a passion for liberty. (Too many names need mentioning off the cuff, so I do not want to forget anyone, we will list them soon). They will get recognized by name. And we owe them the thanks, on the behalf of the LPWI membership.

Our next step now includes tutorials in utilizing this system even more by the team; updating content to keep it current; and refining our design and our concept to suit the Party's needs each and every step of our journey going forward.  The Party has invested much in this system; financial investment and volunteer labor, included.  Now, we need to make sure that we use it for the purpose of building the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin for the future, and in leading our Party and its members, supporters, and followers to a renewed crusade, to bring liberty's principles in to practical reality, in Wisconsin and everywhere else.

Thank you, and thanks to the Website Ad hoc Com team!