The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin always needs help with its work, and if you want to volunteer for any project or have a question, please email directly the Committee or Work Team Chair, or Director/Coordinator. For direct assistance or inquiries, please email [email protected]

Communications Work Team      

Chair: Tim Krenz– [email protected]
Phil Anderson
Kevin Litten, Chair: Internal Communications Team

Michael Schisel
Thomas Leary, Chair: External Communications
Press Secretary: [email protected]

Convention Work Team:                          

Chair: (Open)

Under reorganization (Rev. 9/19/23)

By-Laws Committee:

Chair: David Grover

Platform Committee:

Responsibility: Review and edit platform submissions in advance of LPWI convention, and make recommendations.
Chair: Jeff Kortsch– [email protected]

Historical Preservation Work Team

Chair: Tim Krenz– [email protected]

Jordan Hansen

Strategic Planning Work Team:

Chair: Tim Krenz– [email protected]

Stephen Ecker

Phil Anderson

Membership/Volunteer Coordinator 

Michael Conard–

Event Coordinator

Teresa Boris

Candidate Support Coordinator:

Jeff Kortsch – [email protected]

Affiliate Support Coordinator:

Tyler Danke

Fund Raising Coordinator:

Jason Boris