If you want to volunteer for any Committee or have a question, please email the Committee Chair or

Affiliate Support

Responsibility: Jump-start and continued support of affiliates.

Chair: Nicholas Strong 

Candidates and Elections

Responsibility: Recruit and support Libertarian candidates, assist with the nomination process including necessary forms.

Chair: Phil Anderson, District Representatives, 

Marketing and Communications

Responsibility: Marketing the Party to the Public; putting out newsletters and press releases. Manage social media sites, website and IT support.

Chair: Adam Markert

Events and Convention

Responsibility: Organize LPWI State Convention. Assist with coordination and support events throughout the state.

Chair: Nathan Gall Members: Trevor Massey, Robert Burke, Chris Nass, Evan Moller, Patrick Baird, Joshua Holtz

Membership and Fundraising

Responsibility: Requesting donations. Create and maintain fundraising campaigns. Recruit members and volunteers.

Chair: Matthew Bughman


Responsibility: The final body of appeal in all matters regarding interpretations of the Constitution, Bylaws or Resolutions of the Party subject to the provision that a decision of the Committee may be overturned by a 2/3 vote of a Convention.

Chair: George Meyers, Members: Trevor Massey, Jeff Kortsch, Jim Mass, and Brian Defferding


Responsibility: The Party shall adopt a platform giving the Party’s positions on important issues as planks. Platform planks shall be adopted/deleted/revised only at an Annual Convention held in an even-numbered year. The platform will continue to be the platform of the Party until modified at an Annual Convention held in an even-numbered year. If not modified by that convention, the existing platform remains in effect until it is modified at a future Annual Convention held in an even numbered year.